Ftcl: New developments

August 2007


The CVS repository contains "FEMTOL", an April 1 experiment to implement a part of the Tcl language in FORTRAN 77. This is not meant to be a serious experiment, and I do not intend to work on it anymore.

It was mainly intended to see how difficult it would be to implement an interpreter without the aid of memory management and recursive subroutines. Well, it is difficult, though not completely impossible.


The module Ftkgui and the corresponding example in the subdirectory "gui" is a much more serious attempt to build a library that will allow a Fortran programmer to easily create graphical user-interfaces.

The idea is to encapsulate a large number of the standard widgets and their facilities in small Fortran routines, so that you do not need to know anything (or hardly anything) about Tcl/Tk.


In a way, Wrapfort is work in progress to achieve the reverse effect: using Fortran libraries in Tcl without having to program in Fortran (and only very small amounts of C). See the documentation.

This "wrapper generator" is getting into a useful state. I have created a separate directory for it in the repository.